About Gayle Klauser

Gayle is a trained True Purpose® Coach. 

She also is a workshop facilitator, spiritual mentor and speaker who speaks on many topics relating to evolving human consciousness.

Her background includes individual and group coaching, leadership as a change agent, and being apprenticed to an indigenous medicine man for many years.

Her work is heart centered and focuses on principles that are common to many spiritual traditions.  Her clients include people with divergent spiritual belief systems.

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Gayle Klauser is a loving gift to me and all who benefit from her work through me. Her tender and expert guidance has helped me become more grounded, aware, loving toward myself (and therefore others), and clear about what and how I need to proceed in my spiritual, emotional, physical and business life. She is so well versed in the right areas that she can hold me and guide me to be in the right balance for my Whole Life rather than just a limited part of it. Her incredible intuitive abilities are what amaze me the most. I always feel so safe and seen and accepted by her, yet she has the strength and grace to help me see where I am not supporting myself. Time and again she has gently, firmly questioned me without poking my rebellious side. Gayle is a True Artist among coaches and the value of her work is a blessing beyond measure.
Nina Potter, Relationship Coach