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Starting soon, a small group of adventurers will be setting off on a journey of discovery. The call has gone out. Perhaps you have heard it, or felt it… the gentle pull, a quiet whisper from your soul, or a subtle awareness of a longing for something more…for fulfillment, for alignment of your life with your values, or for clarity that you’re on the right track,  contributing importantly to the world, that what you do matters. Perhaps you’re at a crossroads in life, uncertain which way to go or ready to create a new chapter. Or perhaps you’re exhausted from the struggle of doing things that no longer work for you; you want more inspiration and meaning in your life. You may be confused by the simultaneous need for financial sustainability. Yet something deep inside you is tugging at you, calling you to wake up. You know you have something inside that is trying to emerge, but you're just not quite there yet.  You are not alone.  You can expand your connection with your source of Higher Wisdom, giving you clarity, confidence, direction, and fulfillment. There is a safe, loving and respectful place for you to connect with that Wisdom; a place where you are supported and valued. You have the answers within you. The techniques for accessing it can be learned. 

This coaching group will follow the True Purpose® Process, by Tim Kelley. Thousands of people have successfully used The True Purpose® Process to discover their purpose, obtaining crystal clear information on their greatest contribution to the world. NOTE: Coaching is online or by telephone. 

 You will learn ways to move through your doubts, fears and challenges. 
 You will learn to facilitate a partnership between your ego and your soul, so that you bring your best self into your daily life, accelerating your growth and evolution and reflecting your light out into the world.
 You will learn and practice various methods of communicating with your Trusted Source for clarity and guidance. Discover which methods work best for you.
 You will learn how to validate messages you receive to increase your confidence they come from your Trusted Source.
 You will learn to identify and connect with your Parts to obtain permission and align with your goals.
 You will learn how to put together a plan for manifesting your purpose.

The changes in the world are calling humanity to step into a more peaceful, loving way of being. Your consciousness is calling you to listen to your Divine Connection; to move with confidence into the flow that delivers you to that place to which your soul memory calls you, the place of your forgotten dream.  

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